My Favourite Winter Lipsticks

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas. Forgive me for being a little late on this post…Christmas seems to be such a manic period to say the least (in a good way). Besides the drop in mercury levels and an increase in the number of layers you wear (without looking like you’ve swallowed your aunt Betty), you can always tell when we approach the winter months.

The trend for darker hues and shades in makeup begin to make a reappearance as if they have been hibernating during the last few (much warmer) months. Most notably is the trend for darker lips. Gone are the pretty, peachy pinks and corals and the bright neon fuchsias, and arms wide open to the various shades of deep reds, from burgundy to maroon to dark luscious plums. Think a bowlful of mixed berries and on you’re on the right track. I am no exception. I love pairing a darker lip with just a wash of a neutral shade on the eye, teamed with a little flick of liquid eyeliner to add a touch of glamour.

Here are my favourite lipsticks (and one gloss) that I have been this wearing this winter and over the festive period.

The Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butters are a dream to wear. It pretty much is what it says on the tin (or rather the packaging)- applies smooth as “butter” and is hydrating as a lip balm. The colour goes on sheer (more so with the lighter shades in the range) but is buildable for more coverage and colour intensity and is so comfortable to wear. These are my favourite lipsticks at the moment. Good work Revlon! (To read my review of Revlon’s customer service, click here.)

The Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel are long lasting and give a matte finish (hence the full name Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss). Shade 107 is a deep pinky red and reminds me of raspberries and actually smells like berry flavoured sweets. I tend to pop a bit of lip balm on before I apply this lipstick as its a matte finish but its not drying as matte lipsticks can sometimes be and its quite comfortable to wear. I am so in love with this colour!

Mac Dark Side is the darkest lipstick colour I own. My boyfriend hates it (what do men know about make-up anyway!) but I love it. Its a dark, plummy, maroon colour and it is an “Amplified” finish which means the colour pigmentation is intense and amazing!!! The consistency is smooth and creamy making it comfortable to wear. This is definately a statement lipstick and one that I would probably only wear in the evenings. Perfect for a (girls) night out (definitely not with my boyfriend, ha ha).

Loreal Glam Shine in Sheer Cassis is a beautiful deep berry shade with high shine and a teeny, tiny amount of sparkle. This is a great product for those that aren’t too sure about wearing a dark lip as it gives you colour without the intensity. It’s also a non sticky formulation so makes it incredibly easy to wear and comes with a heart shaped sponge applicator which makes it a dream to apply. Recently I’ve been patting Rimmel Kate Moss 107 gently onto my lips to create a subtle stain (another big trend) and then putting the Glam Shine Sheer Cassis on top. I find that this is a great combo to wear in daytime.

Well that’s it from me and my favourite winter lipsticks. What are your favourite lipsticks to wear for winter time?

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