Estee Lauder Custom Lip Blend

Estee Lauder Custom Lip Blend – Making Your Own Customised Lipstick

I’m actually surprised about the lack of marketing around this because quite frankly, it’s almost the best thing since sliced bread. I said ‘almost’ (nothing is better than bread. FACT.). A few weeks ago I visited the Estee Lauder counter in Selfridges London. I had booked the first appointment of the day early on a Saturday morning because if, like me, you detest the crowds (particularly crowds of people ready to splash their cash combined with masses of tourists who…

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Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo review by

Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo Review

Hourglass recently launched a 20 strong shade line up of their newest lip addition, the GIRL Lip Stylo. Backed by a sassy, female empowerment campaign, each shade represents…

Qualia, Hamilton Island Review

Qualia, Hamilton Island – Review

Qualia, which translates as a collection of deeper sensory experiences in Latin, is a collection of secluded, luxury pavilions perched on the northern-most tip of Hamilton Island. Each…