Deborah Milano Face Perfect Primer (Mattifying) Review

Has anyone heard of Deborah Milano? Me neither. That’s until I stumbled across them on Twitter and was promptly intrigued by their own branded makeup range. I recently had the pleasure of testing out their Face Perfect Primer-Mattifying. I have normal to combination skin. In other words, I have fairly normal skin but with an overactive T-Zone to the point that sans makeup, I can physically see the oils seeping out through my pores (sounds gross, but unfortunately true). This is why I’ve taken to relying on primer and powder through the centre of my face to keep my oil supply at bay. So when I saw that Deborah Milano does a mattifying primer (the key word being “mattifying”), I mentally put it onto my “must-try” list.

So now I’ve tried it, what do I think? Unlike some silicone based primers I’ve used, this is a very light, white gel formulation that applies wet to the face rather than slippy, but is quickly absorbed into the skin. I apply it just down the centre of my face, where I have issues with shine, and at this stage it doesn’t look particularly matte as I would have thought. What it does do is provides a smooth, even base so that my foundation glides on nice and easy just as I would expect. Once the foundation is on, my t-zone is shine free.
By the end of the day, I found my foundation to be pretty much fully intact whilst my blush and bronzer appeared quite blotchy (which is normally the case when you’re wearing makeup for 10+ hours). There were no shine issues during the day, (which I would normally find without a primer) so I didn’t need to touch up with pressed powder after a few hours. It was only when I came to take my makeup off (which is probably around a good 10-12 hours later) that some of the oil from on my nose started to come through but not with the rest of my t-zone. I also usually find that the area under my eyes (where I’ve concealed to hide my bags )  is the first place where my makeup starts to move and disappear (where does it all go?) and ends up drawing attention to my fine lines (big no no). More often than not, it ends up looking dry and cake-y which is why I’m always conscious of putting too much product on. With a light layer of the Face Perfect Primer though, I find that my under eye concealer stays put for much longer than usual.
Overall I think its a great product for those with quite oily skin and have trouble keeping their makeup in place all day. For those that need a base before your foundation but don’t like the silicone texture then I’d definately recommend trying this. It’s really light so you don’t feel it sitting on the skin and at £8.90, it won’t break the bank either. This isn’t no miracle worker but does the job it’s supposed to do, with that being to provide a smooth even base whilst combatting shine.
Has anyone else used any products from Deborah Milano? If you have then I’d love to hear about it and whether it’s a product you’d recommend.
You can purchase the Deborah Milano Face Perfect Primer from their website here. They also do colour corrective primers aimed at targeting redness and to brighten up the complexion, so might be worth checking out.
This is not a sponsored post. All products featured on Face Made Up are either purchased by myself or are PR samples, of which I am not obliged to write about. However, all opinions are solely and honestly all of my own.
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