Big Charlotte Tilbury Haul and Product Review

So I went a lil cray recently and may have bought the entire Charlotte Tilbury collection. OK slight exaggeration but still, I’ve had to ban myself from makeup shopping for the next couple of months. Considering her collection has been out for some time now, I’ve managed to hold back and only ever purchased 3 shades of the Rock n Kohl liner. At £19 a pop, they ain’t cheap. But holding back for no longer, I took the plunge and my poor Halifax credit card had to bear the brunt of it. So wanna see what I got? yeah you do.


Charlotte Tilbury doesn’t disappoint when it comes to gift wrapping.


Charlotte Tilbury goodies

I was colour matched perfectly by the lovely Sergio in the Bond Street branch of Fenwicks, and that doesn’t happen too often which is a surprise considering that many of those that work behind the counter are ‘trained’ and are actually freelance makeup artists. I have walked away one too many times with the wrong colour so it pays if you are able to do it yourself. And if you think they are wrong about the colour, they probably are. Swatch, test in natural daylight and go away with a sample if they aren’t to funny about it. Anyway, I could go on but let’s not.

Light Wonder Foundation

I picked up the shade 6 in the Light Wonder Foundation, which is classed as a ‘Medium’ shade and the second lightest of the  four Medium shades available. I didn’t know much about this foundation beforehand, just that the lovely Miss Pebbles approves of it and say’s it reminds her of the Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. I’m all about the Chanel Vitalumierefoundation and if you’ve seen my Best Beauty Favourites of 2014 video, you will know that it is my preferred choice for everyday, natural looking skin. It’s described as ‘a daily luminous tint’ which suggests that it is a lightweight base on par with tinted moisturisers, and contains an SPF of 15. This does remind me of Chanel’s offering in terms of the consistency and finish. The Light Wonder is definitely more neutral in tone compared to the Vitalumiere which has a stronger yellow undertone but this isn’t an issue on my warm skin tone. The finish is very light, very natural and rather on the dewy side. It is recommended that you go in again and pat on top of areas where more coverage is needed. I found that I had to do this around my nose area where I tend to get quite red. I did have to go in with concealer as well (which is what I usually do anyway) though just to really make sure the redness was well hidden. Whilst it does remind me of Chanel Vitalumiere, if I had to pick between the two, the Vitalumiere would win hands down. I found with this, my T-zone started to get rather sweaty looking after a couple of hours and I had to touch up with powder to get rid of the shine. However, it does get a thumbs up from me if you are bothered to powder yourself every few hours. This is just your natural, everyday base that gives you a fresh, dewy, lumious finish. A good one for those with drier skin.



I hadn’t planned on picking up the Retoucher let alone picking up two. My impulses are a little out of control at times. It’s part concealer, part highligher and housed in a YSL-like twisty-up pen with a brush head that dispenses the product. Sergio tried both shades 2 and 3 on me. Considering that they are just a shade apart, there is a considerable difference between them. Shade 2 Light  is too light under the eyes for me as it leaves an ashy cast on my eye bags and trust me when I say I don’t need to draw anymore attention to it thank you very much. It works better as a highlight for me for a subtle ‘Kim Kardashian’ upside-down-triangle-under-the-eyes-and-on-the-tops- of-the-cheekbones. Shade 3 Medium has a much more peachy undertone and a better match for my skintone so conceals the bags well but I usually like to wear a shade lighter under the eyes for that bright, wide awake like-I’ve-slept-for-24-hours look. Sergio suggested using the shade 2 on top of the shade 3. I’m hesitant to do this as I don’t  like overloading the under eye area because of the fine lines which like to crease up like a biatch! In terms of consistency, again it’s very light and fluidy, especially compared to my new favourite, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, which has replaced my former ‘ride or die’  Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. It’s light in texture and that translate in coverage also. I don’t think there’s anything particularly special or different about the Retoucher so perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten carried away with buying TWO. Oh well, you live and you learn. It’s nice. Nothing more.


Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher in shades 2 (right) and 3 (left).


Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher in shades 2 (right) and 3 (left).
Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher in shades 2 (right) and 3 (left) in daylight.


Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher in shades 2 (right) and 3 (left) in daylight.

Colour Chameleon

I was really excited about picking up the Colour Chameleon and I chose the shades Dark Pearl and Amber haze, which are both ideal for those with brown eyes for day and night respectively. I’m a fan of eyeshadows in a stick format because they are quick and easy and absolutely fuss-free. Literally scribble it on then just blend out the edges with a clean finger. Amber Haze is a Golden Bronze and I was complimented on the shadow the first day I wore it. Win! Dark Pearl is more of an interesting colour, a mix of purple and brown, infused to create a warm and unique shade. I actually like to wear Amber Haze in the day and Dark Pearl in the night, the opposite to the suggested. These pencils are so lovely in texture and really creamy that they glide on without any drag and they are really long lasting. There’s also bit of shimmer to them that catches the light beautifully. Definitely happy with my purchases here.


Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl (left) and Amber Haze (right)


Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl


Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze

Charlotte Tilbury Haul and Product Review Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze and Dark Pearl by Face Made up/facemadeup

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze (left) and Dark Pearl (right)

Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil

I picked up a forth and fifth colour of the Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in the shades Barbarella Brown and Eye Cheat. Being a massive fan of the formula and the shades on offer, I just had to pick up the brown one despite owning multiple brown eye pencils. Barbarella Brown is a deep, dark, cool toned brown and is a great alternative to black, and also great for those with a fair complexion and light hair as it isn’t as harsh as black can be. It’s just a colour that I’ll get much use out of and only second to black, which I wear every single day on my top waterline. The Eye Cheat is described as a ‘universal nude tone to create the optical illusion of wider, fuller and more awake eyes‘. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve not ever really worn a light shade on the bottom water line before but after seeing the results in one of Charlotte’s tutorials, I was sold. As the name would suggest, these pencils are so, SO smooth that they glide on like liquid. Sometimes I have to check that it isn’t a liquid, it is THAT smooth.


Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbarella Brown


Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Eye Cheat


Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbarella Brown


Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Eye Cheat

Filmstar Bronze and Glow

The Filmstar Bronze and Glow was THE product I was most excited to pick up. Now let me tell you a story. I’ve actually tried this bronzer and highlight duo once before but wasn’t impressed. Say what? I know right?! I don’t know what it was but I just wasn’t wowed by it when the MUA applied it on my cheeks. The bronzer failed to make any impact whilst I felt the highlighter was a bit too stark. But I wanted to give it another chance particularly as it had been getting nothing but BOMB! reviews. All makeup deserves a second chance and in this instance, I was proved right to give it another go. The bronzer shade veers slightly more on the cool side compared to some of my favourites such as Benefit Hoola, Nars Laguna and Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega Bronze in Perfect Tan, which is great because it doubles up as a contour powder. Some bronzers are too warm for contouring but the Filmstar Bronze and Glow isn’t one of them. For me, the colour is subtle but buildable so whether it’s a hint of colour to the complexion or some seriously chiselled cheekbones, you have the option to do both. As for the highlight shade? I think I like it even more than I like the bronzer. It’s absolutely beautiful. It isn’t stark as I remembered but it isn’t subtle either. Subtle is what I would describe Benefit Watt’s Up, my long time highlight love. It’s champagne golden undertone is perfect on my warm complexion and it’s shimmery without the glitter so there’s no danger of looking like an 80’s disco ball. It’s also buildable so one light swipe for a sheer dose of glow or a couple of swipes for a much more of radiant boost. I’ve been wearing this everyday since I got it and I can see us having a long and lasting relationship. As for the packaging? CT did real good.


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

I knew I had to get my hands on one of her Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes. The problem was, which one? I was undecided between the The Dolce Vita and The Golden Goddess and in the end it was The Dolce Vita that pipped the post. Sergio mentioned that it was the most popular and basically sold it to me. Housed in a slick square compact, The Dolce Vita is slightly more warmer and deeper in tone. It comprises of four shades; a pale, frosty gold which is suggested as an all over base; a very warm red toned, brown which is unknown yet intriguing territory for me; a mid-toned brown, with a slight khaki tone to it; and finally the all singing, all dancing, glittery, and rather spectacular, copper shade. Although I like the shades, which are incredibly pigmented (especially the reddy-brown and I’d advise going in with a very light hand and building up otherwise you’ll end up looking like you’ve got a rash around the eyes. You’ve been warned), I’m not wowed by it. Now, I could be wrong and this could be a case like the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, and be a bit of a ‘grower’. You know when you first hear a new song and you think it’s an absolute pile of crap but the more you hear it, the more you begin to like it? That’s what I mean about being a ‘grower’. I can’t help feeling that it’s missing that transition colour though. Both the brown shades are as dark as each other and work well in the crease and outer eye but there’s nothing in between to bridge the pale gold with the browns. If this was my perfect quad, it would consist of a highlight shade, a transition shade, a crease shade, and an all over the lid shade. However, I’m willing to give it a chance though because I’m nice like that (or rather I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted money on something I won’t use. Again). The glittery copper is rather special though. I’m not one to wear glitter anywhere near my face but this I may just make an exception for. Not for everyday wear but perhaps for that more special occasion.


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita swatches top to bottom; Pop, Smoke, Enhance &Prime shades.


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita swatches top to bottom; Pop, Smoke, Enhance &Prime shades.

Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte’s latest offering from the range are the Matte Revolution Lipsticks and I was torn between two colours that I ended up choosing both; Love Liberty and Lost Cherry. Love Liberty is a dark, berry toned red and I found it to be quite similar to the Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in 977 Pied-a-Poule which was featured in my Autumn/Fall Matching Lips, Cheeks & Nails post. Lost Cherry on the other hand is a bright, perky, corally pink. It was Lost Cherry that I was indecisive about but as it turns out, it’s actually my favourite of the two. It’s warm and vibrant yet very wearable and a colour I can see myself getting lots of wear from come spring. The formula is the stand out thing for me because for a matte lipstick, it’s rather creamy and really comfortable to wear. It’s definitely up there along with the YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats (featured in myJanuary 2015 Beauty Favourites) as the most comfortable mattes I’ve tried yet.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love Liberty (right) and Lost Cherry (left).


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Lost Cherry


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Swatches in Love Liberty (left) and Lost Cherry (right).


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love Liberty

I may have bought enough makeup for a lifetime here. What can I say?It’s an unhealthy addiction, I know. Let me know if you have any questions with regards to any of the Charlotte Tilbury products mentioned above. I would have been trying it for a couple of weeks once this post goes live so I can give you a better verdict of what I think about each of the products.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading the Charlotte Tilbury products you bought. Your honest review makes it much easier for me to work out which items to focus on. I had already heard great things about the lipsticks so I’m going to make them my first purchase and steer clear of the retoucher! Have you tied By Terry concealer, it’s my HG as it doesn’t crease at all!!! x

    1. I’m glad that you found this blog post useful as that is pretty much my goal- to produce content that people will want to read/watch AND find that it helps them in the buying decision making process! 😉

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