Too Faced Natural Matte Palette Review & Swatches

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette- The Packaging- by Face Made Up

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette- Review and Swatches by Face Made UpNow I first saw this when little miss Kathleen Lights featured it in one of her videos and positive it was something we didn’t have yet in the UK (or who knew whether it would come to the UK at all), I snapped mine up on eBay which was higher in price than what t retails in the US but less than what Too Faced palettes sell for over here. Neutral tones are my cup of tea but Matte neutral tones are my weakness. They are just so versatile and practical. Keep it light and simple for an every day, more natural look then add some of the darker shades to smoke it out for a really sultry, evening look.

As with other Too Faced palettes, bar the bigger Chocolate and Semi Sweet Chocolate palettes, it comes in a tinny, box packaging which opens up to reveal a mirror, a ‘How-To Glamour Guide’ and 9 eyeshadows. The 9 eyeshadows are divided into 3 rows and each row depicts a different look; the top row is your ‘Day’ look, the middle row is your ‘Classic’ look and the third row is your ‘Fashion’ look. Now, what makes this a winning palette for me and not just your average neutral beigey-brown palette, is the inclusion of  the shades ‘Strapless’, dusky, muted pink with a hint of plum, and ‘Honey Butter’ a warm, peachy shade. Oh and also a really warm brown with a red-orange undertone (you know I love warm eyeshadows). Obviously, you can use these shadows however you like and mix and match with shades from different rows, which is probably how I would use it but having the 3 shades set out for you just makes it fool proof for those a little more shy with experimenting.

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Swatches on arm by Face Made Up

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Swatches on arm by Face Made UpLet’s take a closer look at each of the shadows, starting with the top row, from left to right.

The first shade is Heaven and it’s your standard cream shade which I like to use either as an all over base to set your primer or and subtle brow bone highlight. Soft and dreamy to blend.

The next shade along is Cashmere Bunny and I’m pretty sure this makes an appearance in another Too Faced palette (the Natural Eyes palette maybe?), and this is a cool tone, mid tone brown and makes a great transition shade, bridging your darker shades with your lighter shade. Smooth like chocolate.

The last shade of the first row is Sexpresso and this is a in the same family as Cashmere Bunny but a good few shades darker. Very cool in tone, this is great for adding more definition to the eyes as well as defining the lash line.

Too Faced Swatches row 2Moving onto the second row, the first shade is called Lace Teddy and this falls into the dud category. You know every palette has one. The one shade that you would use the least, if you use it at all. It’s a baby pink shade and I would most likely mix it with the shade Heaven to create a all over base combo if I’m going for more of a mauve/pinky-plum look.

The second shade of the second row is Strapless and this shade is oh so dreamy. As mentioned above, its a dusky kind of rose shade and a hint of plum and is made for those of us with brown eyes. I like this as my transition shade when I’m going for the look mentioned above. Great for a feminine, romantic makeup look.

The last shadow of the second row is called Risque and this is a dark brown with a definite hint of plum so sticking with the pink-y, plum-y vibe of the row. Is use this to deepen the outer V and to really smoke it up.

Finally, the last row of the palette. First up we have Nudie and this is not too dissimilar to Cashmere Bunny only a little bit more warmer, so if your working towards a smoky eye then this guy would sort out your transition.

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Swatches from second row-Face Made UpThe next shade is Honey Butter and this is a mid tone, warm peach and for warm eyes, this would make a great all over lid shade and so right for Spring. This would also work wonders as a transition shade if you work it over Heaven as an all over base shade. Really pretty.

Finally and certainly not least is Chocolate Cookie and this is your warm mid to dark brown and this is essential for a warm smokey eye and pairs well with Honey Butter. I love this shade and can see myself wearing it lots to deepen up that crease to add more heat and warmth to the eyes.

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Swatches from third row-Face Made Up

With 9 matte shades from cool tones to warm tones, and from light shades to much deeper, darker tones, this is an all round, absolutely fantastic palette. There’s so many ways to wear the shadows and because they are quite neutral, you really can’t go wrong. If in any doubt, refer to the How-To guide for ideas and stick to the eyeshadows within each row; your lighter shade as an all over base, the middle shade as your transition and the darkest shade as your crease colour. If you’re a neutral eye lover then this is an absolute must. Too Faced eyeshadows are great in quality; smooth to the touch, packed to the punch with pigment and blends super easily. Also, it’s boxy, tin packaging is great for travelling. Click here to see me create a neutral eyed look with a hint of dusky pink.

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  1. Hi! I love your channel and these reviews. Can I ask what your skin tone is in these images? I’m an NC35 so would really love a good palette for my shade and this looks like a winner!

    1. Hi Mariam, I was probably most likely around that shade at the time of the review. The palette is super versatile and has a mix of warm and cool tones, as well as light and dark shades so would suit a variety of skin colours. I hope that helps!

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