Meeting Charlotte Tilbury

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Tilbury this week when she visited Selfridges in London to promote her new make up collection.  World renowned make-up artist, Charlotte has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years and it was when she met Make Up guru, Mary Greenwell (who I also had the pleasure of meeting recently, to read about it click here), that she decided to train to become a make-up artist. She has had the privilege of working with some of the worlds biggest talents in the fashion and beauty industry, from photographers like Mario Testino, to designers like Christopher Bailey and Tom Ford, to Hollywood A listers and supermodels like Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss and model of the moment, Cara Delevigne.

Her much anticipated new make-up collection focuses on ten different looks and is designed to be foolproof for the everyday busy woman like herself. The way in which it has been marketed is such a simple yet clever idea. You can literally walk away with the look you want, all boxed up (think beauty take-away) without the stress of having to select the right lip liner to go with the lipstick to go with the matching lipgloss, or the right eye shadow palette that suits you and enhances your own eye colour.

The ten looks range from The Ingenue which is a fresh and pretty look-a flush of pink on the cheeks set against a background of healthy dewy skin, to The Dolce Vita, a look inspired by movie icons from the past and present; Sophia Loren, Monica Belluci and Penelope Cruz. This seductive look is all about indulgence and pure luxury and is reflected in the smoky eyes and full, pale pink lips. This is my favourite look out of the ten but the one that I am most likely to wear is The Sophisticate, which is centered around neutral, warm, earthy tones like chocolatey brown and soft taupe. It’s a classic and timeless look which you can wear everyday. Having said that, Charlottle demonstrates two versions of each look in short video clips on her site. Firstly, she shows us how to recreate the toned down version of the look which can be worn in the day, and then goes onto demonstrate a “dialled”up version that can be worn in the evening, so perfect if your going straight out after work for a few drinks with the girls or off on a hot dinner date.

I hovered around the beauty department whilst waiting for Charlotte to arrive, making a stop off at both the Nars and Mac counters (trying to refrain from buying everything I saw). When she arrived, she started chatting with two mature ladies who I think wanted some advice for their niece (or was it nephew?) who was training to become a make-up artist. Before I know it, she was speaking full blown Spanish with them. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me as she did grow up in Ibiza, nevertheless, I was a little taken aback and in awe at how fluent and friendly she was.

She spotted me just watching (not stalking i swear) and called me and a few others over so that she can demonstrate her new “Magic Cream“. She dabbed it on the back of her hand and began to rub it in. You could see the difference almost immediately when compared to her other hand (without product). The skin looked soft and luminous  to which she described as “gisele skin in a bottle” (referring to non other than Brazilian Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen). I asked her if the product was an illuminating moisturiser to which she replied, without hesitation (but in no way rudely),”no”. She went on to describe it as a “new technology” and listed some of the ingredients, but that’s where it all got a little too technical for me (not going to lie). On her site however, it is described as a “secret mix of patented anti-age ingredients, a hydaluronic acid booster plus floral extracts”. Now that’s a mouthful AND yet there’s more so for details, check out her site. Its basically a cream that she has been developing for years and trialling backstage, and designed to “lift and transform tired skin in an instant”.

I didn’t get the chance to try it on my face but I did dab it on the back of my hand. It is a beautiful, silky texture, creamy yet light and blends in without much effort at all. The effect is soft, hazy, slightly dewy, which I can imagine to reflect as youthful and radiant on the face. Now the only downside for me is the price. Its a whopping £70. Now some people may not think twice about buying a high end premium product like that, but for me, its a bit too much. However, I wouldn’t say no if someone bought it for me as a gift…say like for Christmas (hint hint to the bf).

If you have tried the Magic Cream or the Filmstar Bronze and Glow (or any of the other products from the new range), let me know what and your thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading x

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