Valentine’s Date Night Makeup: Soft Halo/Spotlight Eyes

Valentine' Date Night Makeup - Soft Halo/Spotlight Eyes by

Valentine' Date Night Makeup - Soft Halo/Spotlight Eyes by

Jumping on the commercial bandwagon that is Valentine’s Day, I have created a subtle soft halo or spotlight eye look which is a technique that strategically places a lighter eyeshadow in the centre portion of the eye, sandwiched between a darker colour on the inner and outer third of the eye. This is a great technique for making the eyes appear more round and larger because the focus falls on the centre of the eye.

In this tutorial, I’ve used soft, pretty colours which make the end result quite a feminine look. You could absolutely switch up the colour combinations for something more dramatic .e.g. purple and gold? or blue and silver? The world is your oyster.

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