Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favourites Neutral Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Following from my Morphe Swatch and Review video last week, it’s only right that I do a tutorial to show you the eyeshadows in action. Naturally. And as I sit here and type this, I have the hugest grin on my face. Why? Well I’ve pnly just gone and ordered the actual Jaclyn Hill Palette. After weeks and weeks of serious site stalk-age, Mophe are finally stocked back up on it (but whether it’s the case right now…). And yes I realised that I will have two of the same colours as 8 of the ones I’ve featured in the video are actually also from the JH palette, but the point is, I get a whole new 20 shades to play with! I wasn’t actually planning on buying the palette seeing as I thought I had picked the best of the bunch but you know…some impulses just can’t be helped!

Products feat. in the video:

Morphe Eyeshadows  ES54 Glisen, ES13 Deep Skin, E15 Caramelized, ES24 Deep Cocoa


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