Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favourites Review & Swatches

Morphe EyeShadows including Jaclyn Hill Favourites by Face Made Up

Morphe Eyeshadow swatches including Jaclyn Hill favourites by face Made Up

So I feel I should add a disclaimer before you read on. I don’t actually own the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette but I have 8 of the 28 shades which all happens to be the ones she used in her Chocolate Cranberry Smokey Eyes-Talk Thru Tutorial. I couldn’t wait for the palette to be re-stocked as who knows how long I’ll be waiting. Morphe obviously didn’t plan very well for the demand as it’s been out of stock for ages now. In this video, I swatch and give my first impressions of the eyeshadows so if you’re still on the fence about them or want to see some real life swatching, then this video is for you.

For those are thinking, ‘Who the heck is Jaclyn Hill?’…are you for real? She is a YouTube makeup guru and one of my favourites, if not my favourite person to watch. Not only is she super talented, she is absolutely hilarious so you’re getting comedy value as well as makeup tips in one. What more could a girl ask for?! So she recently collaborated with US brand Morphe Brushes, which are a very inexpensive makeup brand well known for the 35 shade eyeshadow palettes, their $2 eyeshadow pans and their range of super affordable brushes. Unfortunately they aren’t stocked here in the UK but you can order products from their website to be shipped to the UK.

So you know what to do. Just kick back with a hot cuppa and press play.

If you want to see a look I created using these eyeshadows, check out my Neutral Eyes Makeup Tutorial.

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