Loreal False Lash Telepscopic Waterproof Mascara Review

Loreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara review by Facemadeup.com
So I think I may have found my holy of holiest, holy grail mascara. BIG claim I know but it’s a claim that I can confidently back up. However, I do realise that mascara is one of those makeup products, just like with someone’s overall style whether it be makeup or fashion, that is very personal. But if you have lashes like mine, that are short, poker straight, super fine and pretty darn sparse, then I think you might just like this mascara too.

Now being a fan of Loreal mascaras (the various guises of the Volume Million Lashes and the 4D Lash Architect), I thought the chances of me liking this mascara were rather good. However, it was not love at first sight. To be fair, not many are as I usually find that it takes at least a couple of weeks for me to ‘break-in’ to a mascara, and once it’s managed to dry down a little, I get a better picture of whether it’s going to be a happy union or whether it’s going to get tossed into the bin.

With the False Lash Telescopic, I struggled at first to get acquainted with the wand, which surprised me because on the surface, it’s long and narrow which I’m normally on board with (great for getting to the roots of the lashes and for short lashes, particularly those on the bottom lash line). However, because it’s so lightweight, I felt that the brush was a little on the flimsy side. As a result, I found that as you’re coating your lashes with the mascara, the wand bends back on itself ever so slightly. For me, it was just something that took time getting used to.

Loreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara review by Facemadeup.com

Also, another thing that I found with this particular mascara, which I don’t normally experience, was the initial lack of payoff. Now this could well have been influenced by another mascara I was testing out at the same time which happened to have incredible payoff, so black and pigmented, yet funnily enough I didn’t really get on with it in the end. Initially, I felt that the False Lash Telescopic felt almost like a mascara that was reaching the end of its lifeline, where it’s typically a bit more dry (very unusual for a new mascara), and where you’re struggling to scrape product out of the tube. Whilst the lashes struggled to build in volume (which is absolutely essential for me), they were certainly very soft and very defined.

The more I used it, however, the more I was starting to like the mascara and by week two, I had completely fallen in love with it. Funnily enough, the lack of payoff that I struggled with initially was no longer an issue. It was almost like it needed to warm up before it showed me what it could really do. From the very first coat, the mascara gives you soft, defined lashes. The second coat is when the length kicks in and boy does this give you lashes that goes on and on. By the third coat (yes I wear a minimum of three coats, don’t judge), that’s when the volume comes into play and you can keep layering and layering without things getting horribly clumpy. If the lashes start to stick together then it’s nothing that a brush through with a lash comb won’t sort out. My lashes remain long, fat and curled throughout the day with no hint of smudging or flaking.
Being waterproof, you’ll need the help of a good oil-based waterproof eye makeup remover to break this bad boy down, something I am totally accustomed to. Nothing major and not quite as hard as trying to remove Japanese mascaras and definitely a lot more accessible.
What’s your holy grail mascara?
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