Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Illuminoil & Intensive Masque Review

It was only a matter of time before I posted a hair blog on here. I mean, if you’re into your beauty routine, be it skincare and/or makeup and wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without at the very least a lick (or three) of mascara through your lashes, chances are you would make some sort of effort with your hair also. Sure there are days where you don’t have time to wash it, or style it (or are just simply lazy) and have scrapped it back into high bun or ponytail, but for the most part you would probably want to look somewhat presentable. I know I do. We’re not talking about full on blow drys or perfectly coiffed hair, but even the best styled hair cannot hide hair that hasn’t been cared for.


I go through phases when it comes to my hair. There are days when I am all about the hair and others when I do the bare minimum i.e. shampoo, condition and blow dry. Right now I’m definately going though an “all about the hair” phase. After years of colouring (and bleeching!) and constant styling (blow drying, straightening, tonging), my hair has seen better days. I first started colouring my hair roughly 14 years ago and since then I don’t think I’ve seen the natural colour of my hair once (except of course when the roots starts to show which promptly reminds me to book myself in for a touch up).
Recently I’ve discovered the Jo Hansford range and in particular, their Expert Colour Care Illuminoil and their Intensive Masque. Now if you had asked me a year ago about hair oil, my response would have been “my hair is oily enough, thanks”. Annoyingly I have the type of hair that not only gets greasy the next day after washing, but my scalp gets ridiculously itchy that I often find myself scratching to the point where my scalp starts to bleed (gross, I know). I’ve tried switching shampoos but that hasn’t helped and occasionally I reach for my boyfriend’s Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo (which I can’t stand the smell of) when things get really bad. For that reason, I wouldn’t have dared go anywhere near a hair oil. Not until now. A couple of months ago, I got a small sample of Beauty Protector’s Protect and Oil from my monthly subscription to Birchbox and quite enjoyed using it. So when I was asked to try some products from the Jo Hansford range aimed especially for those with coloured hair (and in much need of some TLC), I jumped at the chance.
The Illuminoil is, as the name suggests, an oil which is clear in formulation and is packaged in a sleek glass bottle with a gold metallic pump. It’s not the most practical for travelling but would definately look swish on your bathroom shelf (great for when you want to impress any guests you have over). Now what I love about this oil is it’s versatility. I find that hair routines can be a bit of a faff with numerous products, one to do each job (nourish , wash, condition, protect, volumise, texturise, hold… you get the drift).  With the Illuminoil, which is suitable for all hair types may I add, you can use it in a number of ways to perform a different function (cool right?).
First, you can use it as a finishing product smoothed over dry hair to leave your locks smooth, shiny and incredibly soft. You can also use it pre blow-dry to protect from the much dreaded frizz by just applying it straight through the mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair. Finally you can use it as a treatment in one of two ways; For an intensive treatment, use through the mid lengths and ends on towel dried hair after you’ve shampooed, leave for up to 10 minutes before rinsing off and conditioning as normal. Alternatively, on those days where your scalp is feeling irritated and itchy, you can gently massage it into your scalp before leaving it overnight and washing as normal in the morning.
I have found that using it pre blow dry helps prevent the hair from feeling and looking like a draught-ridden desert. With me, blow drying and styling with heated appliances, my hair is constantly being stripped of moisture so the Illuminoil does a great job of restoring it whilst also protecting it. I also find that running it through my dry hair post styling helps to add a touch of gloss (in a non- greasy way) and texture. I used it last night for the first time as a treatment on my irritated scalp. I applied it straight onto the irritated areas which is mainly at the centre front and also the opposite end just above my neck. I will have to get back to you with whether this helps with managing my dry and irritated scalp (I’ll give it a few more goes) but on the whole, I’ve been pretty impressed with the product.
The Intensive Hair Masque does exactly what it says on the tin (or in this case, tub). It’s a thick (very thick), luxurious texture and it’s function is to enhance whilst protect coloured hair which is prone to drying *raises hand*. This is gentle and light enough to use daily or as I like to use it, weekly as an intensive treat and much needed hair pick-me-up. It’s so easy and quick to use too, just smooth a dollop of it through the hair (towel dried after shampooing) concentrating mainly at the ends (where the damage i.e. split ends, tends to be most evident), leave for 5 minutes ( whilst I shave my legs/give me body a good scrub) and rinse off. From the moment you start to rinse your hair, you can already feel the difference it has made. It’s like smoothing your hands over a sheet of luxurious satin. My hair feels incredibly soft and smooth which is not a sensation I would associate with my hair of recent times. Whilst I cannot vouch that it enhances the colour as my hair was last coloured late last summer so has well and truley faded beyond revival, what I can say is that if you are after seriously smooth, soft, glossy locks then you need to acquaint yourself with the Jo Hansford Intensive Hair Masque. I will certainly be using this the next time I colour my hair and see whether it in fact does help to prolong the colour.
The Illuminoil retails for £29.00 for 50ml and the Intensive Masque at £28.50 for 40ml. Both are available at, which also offers free delivery so you don’t feel obliged to bulk up your order to make it worth your while (it’s just really an excuse to buy more products). They aren’t the cheapest of products but I think you get what you pay for with these and right now at are giving away the Intensive Masque for free if you buy two or more selected products from the range (most of which are under £20). It’s worth noting that the Illuminoil also comes in a smaller 15ml bottle for £12.oo (here) which, although is less value for money, it’s certainly worth the pennies if you aren’t too sure about it but want to try it, and don’t want to spend the full £29.00 for the 50ml. Definitely one for hair junkies to try and definately one I shall keep on using in my current hair routine.
Let me know if you have used any product from the Jo Hansford range and whether you would recommend them or if you have any product suggestions for dry/irritated scalps like mine, I would love to know.
This is not a sponsored post. All products featured on Face Made Up are either purchased by myself or are PR samples, of which I am not obliged to write about. However, all opinions are solely and honestly all of my own.
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