Bite Beauty Lip Lab, NYC- Review

Bite Beauty Customised Lipstick in a matt creme formulation by

Bite Beauty Customised Matte Lipstick in a pink toned red by

Bite Beauty Lip Lab- mixing up my own customised shade-by face made up
Experimenting with a pinky-nude shade.

Toronto export, Bite Beauty  has taken the beauty world by storm and have us european beauty bloggers gagging to get across the pond to get our mitts on some of the Bite Beauty action. What makes this Canadian brand stand out from the competition I hear you ask? Bite Beauty is a natural lip care brand that is rooted in using natural and organic ingredients that make the products good (and safe) enough to eat (and I can vouch for that as their Agave Lip Mask is yummy) without compromising on the quality or performance of the product. The results? An array of organic lip products in beautiful, pigmented shades and great nourishing formulas, jam packed with protective antioxidants.

I took the opportunity on my recent trip to New York to visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab based on Prince Street. I arrived as a walk-in customer as I wasn’t actually planning to go on that day but I just happened to be in the area (coincidence?). I was told to come back in around 20 minutes when they would be able to accommodate me so I did. When I arrived back to the store, I sat down with one of the consultants and she asked me whether I had anything in mind. I hadn’t really thought about it prior but it wasn’t too hard to answer. I chose between the possibility of two customised shades; a pinky nude and a pink toned red. A pinky nude is an everyday, casual yet polished shade and something you can easily throw on without to much thought or effort. It’s a staple in every girl’s makeup wardrobe. Now a red is a different kettle of fish and for that reason, it has always slightly terrified me. I have to be in a really bold mood if ever I’m going to leave the flat with a full on crimson pout. Hence I was after a red that I could feel bold yet comfortable with wearing and for me, a red that veers slightly pink is much easier to wear.

The Bite Beauty Lip Lab artist proceeded to mix and blend together colours and then let me try the result with a disposable doe-foot applicator. This went on several times until she got the perfect colour and after creating both shades I had asked for, I decided to go bold or go home and went with the red. That isn’t where all the creativity stops though. I got to choose the finish of the lipstick, of which I went for a moist matte creme (also available in Creme, Sheer and Deluxe finishes), and the scent, of which I went for delicious cherry (also available in Vanilla, Mango, Mint, Citrus, Violet and Superfruit). Just when I thought that was it, I was asked to choose which packaging I wanted from the four different bullet designs. The whole process took around 20-25 minutes and in the end you have your very own customised Bite Beauty lipstick all for $36!

The Bite Beauty Lip Lab is such a clever little idea and a great experience for makeup lovers and beauty fanatics out there (me included). It would also make a perfect gift for someone so might be an idea for a birthday present, whether it be the whole experience at the lab or just the end result of a customised and personalised lipstick which comes boxed up and bagged. The actual lipstick itself is beautiful. Seriously pigmented and wears really comfortably on the lips as it’s more of a semi-matte finish, and I always get the unexpected but pleasant surprise hit of the cherry scent every time I apply the lipstick. It was the first Bite Beauty product I’ve tried (I’ve subsequently tried, tested and also approve of the Agave Lip Mask as mentioned earlier) and I’m truly impressed. I’m currently eyeing up my next Bite Beauty purchase ( High Pigment Lip Pencil, I’m looking at you…).

Have you tried any of the Bite Beauty products? I’m on the look out for some recommendations so please feel free to comment below and let me know.

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