Birchbox Hits and Misses

Blanc Cachemire Creme De Jour Protectrice (January) Verdict: Miss

The Blanc Cachemire Creme De Jour Protectrice is a 100% natural day cream claims to provide moisture to the skin whilst protecting it throughout the day. It’s a lightweight formulation which I think is preferential for those of us that don’t want to look like you can fry an egg on your face (sunny side up?), don’t have time on your hands to wait for the product to absorb or if you want to wear makeup. The product contains cashmere protein fibres which is said  to boost collagen production and cell renewal of the epidermis (hence believed to have an anti-aging affect) whilst also protecting the skin from environmental factors that is believed to cause premature ageing i.e. sun/pollution/stress. It is claimed that the results are firmer and tighter skin. Now one thing is for sure, this cream makes your skin feel tight. For me, uncomfortably so. It’s one thing for skin to appear more tight, nipped and tucked without going anywhere near a scalpel, but the tight sensation is not something that I particularly care for. I think this cream would be more appreciated by those that have really oily, problematic skin. Although I veer on the oily side in the T-Zone region, the rest of my face it pretty “normal”. The good thing about this moisturiser is that it is lightweight and absorbs really well into the skin so you’re not hanging around for ages to apply your makeup particular when you are pushed for time in the mornings (that snooze button really needs to be eliminated). I couldn’t use the moisturiser long enough to notice any long term benefits (and besides, I only have a small sample size) and unfortunately it’s been designated to the back of my drawer.
This Coryse Salome Restorative Night Cream on the other hand is definitely one that I would consider buying in full size. Although again, it’s hard to comment on the long term benefits of this cream as I only got a teeny, tiny tub of it. It’s a night cream so slightly heavier than the Blanc Cachemire Creme De Jour Protectrice but it aborbs well for something heavier. It’s another one that claims to repair and restore the epidermis while you sleep, leaving you to wake up to skin that is more smooth and plump. I do agree with the fact that you do wake up to really soft skin ( like baby’s bottom soft) and it does look smooth and supple, however I can’t really comment on the anti-aging properties and that you will wake up looking ten years younger as I’ve not been using it long enough. If you’re looking for a new moisturiser that does what it’s suppose to (add moisture) and then some (although I can’t vouch for this), then I would definitely recommend this. I’m not too keen on the smell though…reminds me of vaguely of steroid creams used to treat rashes (I’ve suffered a fair few in my lifetime so I should know). I got passed it though as I have been using this religiously for the last 3-4 weeks ( that teeny, tiny tub sure goes a long way). 

 Leighton Denny in the shade Message in a Bottle (February) Verdict: Hit

When I saw this in the box, I felt a tad disappointed at the colour. Although it’s a pretty, non- offensive shade, I was really after a more vibrant, fun shade what with all the brands releasing their spring offerings (lots of pretty pastels). However, (and I will throw my hands up for judging this shade too soon) the moment I glided the polish over my nails, I thought “whoaaaa….sooooo pretty!!!”. I stand corrected. The shade is called “Message in a Bottle” (how cute is that?) and it is a beautiful, soft, neutral grey/silver shade with a subtle pink sheen running through it. It’s a shade for when you’re in one of those indecisive moods, unsure of what colour to paint your talons next but you NEED something on them because you can’t stand having bare nails. Like I say, it’s a non-offensive shade that would be suitable for any occasion whether it be in the office or at a party. It’s a nail polish colour that is quite neutral but makes you look well groomed. The formulation dried fairly quickly and needed two coats to give an even, opaque finish. Also, you get a full sized bottle (win!). 

Benefit’s The POREfessional (Februaury) Verdict: Hit

This is something I have been using more or less everyday. It came in such a small squeezy tube so I’m quite surprised at how much use I’ve been getting out of it. Then again, it isn’t something that I use all over my face, just the areas where I get the most shine and where my makeup tends to disappear first (yes, the dreaded T-Zone). It’s silicone based so has that very silky smooth and kind of slippery texture which I happen to quite like but I know that some people despise this. A little goes a long way which is another reason why my sample size has lasted me so long. I know the product is called the POREfessional as it’s suppose to minimise the appearance of your pores. I myself don’t really have an issue with my pores (I’ve probably jinxed myself now). What I do have an issue with are the fine lines that are nestled underneath my eyes. I do not care for fine lines particularly when my concealer creases and what were initially fine lines becomes highly emphasised lines (I hate when that happens). The other issue I have is the longevity of my makeup. I tend to find that after a few hours, I become a bit shiny (there’s no stopping my skin when it comes to oil production) in the T-zone and begin to lose coverage. Now I can’t vouch that the POREfessional minimises your pores but what I can vouch for is that it provides a nice, even surface for your makeup to go onto and also your makeup lasts for that bit longer. I don’t think it’s anything outstanding, but it does the job of a primer well.
Beauty Protector Protect& Oil (February) Verdict: Hit
Now after years of colouring, tonging, straightening and blowdrying, my hair has seen better times. Those better days go back approx.15 years! My hair used to be the envy of the girls in my year at school, before I discovered hair dye and styling tools. Back then my hair was long, glossy and silky smooth. Fast forward to now, my hair is dry, full of split ends and slowly but surely sprouting hairs which are not my natural colour (white to be precise). It’s screaming out for some long overdue TLC. In January’s Birchbox, I received the Philip Kingsley Elastisizer. Now I can’t really give a proper review as I’ve only used it a couple of times and I’ve not really noticed any difference. The Protect& Oil from Beauty Protector on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous! It’s contains argan oil (which seems to be all the rage now) which is well known for it’s nourishing capabilities. It is also very lightweight (not what you would normally associate with oil) meaning it doesn’t weigh down on the hair. I quite like the fact that it’s versatile; you can apply it on damp hair working it from the roots to the ends (I do this before I blowdry my hair so it protects the hair from the heat but I just concentrate it at the ends, I daren’t go anywhere near my roots as my hair gets greasy quite quickly), or to dry hair (great if you’re having a frizzy episode).  I noticed a difference in the texture of my hair almost immediately. It feels silky soft as opposed to being dry and course, and it makes your hair smell so God.Damn.Good (I’m either constantly stroking my hair, or smelling it)! It’s also worth noting that it protects your hair from UV rays so it’s great if you are a bit of a sun worshipper like me. Yes, I love a tan but not my hair being drained of all it’s life from too much exposure to the sun. I think this little baby will become a holiday essential. 
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  1. I’ve been looking for a new primer, hopefully the POREfessional will visually minimise the craters (pores) around my nose, plus, I too like the silky smooth feeling so that will be a bonus, Thanks!

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