Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Review

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review by Facemadeup

I love it when brands push the boundaries and come up with innovative products and designs but in a saturated cosmetics industry,  truly unique products are far and few in between. When Benefit launched the They’re Real Push Up Liner, it’s clear to see what it was they were trying to do. Realising that applying eyeliner isn’t second nature to many of us out there (myself included), they tried to create an applicator that would make our lives much easier ( and I applaud them for stepping outside of the box and trying to do so). The applicator pen is designed to dispense just the right amount of product for each eye application and the slanted angled tip is designed so you can literally place or ‘stamp’ it in place and voila, you have your wing/ flick. Nice concept. My issue is the poor execution.

I, although intrigued, was rather cynical. I sat back and waited for the reviews to roll in and sure enough they did and what a mixed bag they were. It wasn’t until I watched Manny Mua expertly beat his eyes to perfection with the daring yet subtle purple Push Up Liner that I really sat up and took notice. I am a fan of subtle coloured liner that break away from the everyday mandatory black. Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock n Kohl Iconic Liquid Eyeliners ( ironically NOT liquid at all) has the most beautiful range of subtle shades ranging from slate grey to deep, indigo blue. Subtle coloured liners make a nice difference yet doesn’t scream ‘look at me’. Manny’s deep purple wing was dramatic yet understated at the same time.
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review by Facemadeup
A swatch with flash.
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review by Facemadeup
A swatch without flash.

Not long after did I pick up the liner and I was so excited to use it. That excitement quickly diminished upon my first attempt at creating my killer wing. Firstly, the pen dispensed far too much product. As a result, as you try to glide the pen along your lash line, the product clumps up and falls out and ends up sitting in amongst the lashes. I tried this several times in different ways, starting with wing first,  (fail), lash line first (fail) somewhere in the middle (fail) to no avail. On a positive note, the colour of the liner is beautiful. A rich, deep purple that is subtle but just about noticeable and adds a touch of colour and interest to a look. Even the formula works, kinda. It’s creamy and glides nicely on but on the flip side, because it’s quite a thick formula, releasing too much product means that it just topples out. My issue lies mainly with the applicator. As a result, this has been tossed into my ‘what a waste of money’ pile somewhere deep in the abyss of my makeup drawer. If you’re thinking about buying it. Don’t.

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