How to Contour and Highlight a Round Face with the Smashbox Contour Kit

How to Contour and Highlight a Round Face by Face Made Up - After shot 2

I love a bit of good old contouring and for my round face, it’s a necessity. However, on an everyday basis, I tend to stick to a bit of subtle powder contouring becuaseĀ ain’t nobody go time for that. However, when I wanna look fierce, I come out with all guns blazing with a bit of cream contouring and then setting it in place with the corresponding product in it’s powder form. In this tutorial, I show you how I like to contour my super round face with the Smashbox Step by Step Contour Sticks and it’s sister, the Smashbox Contour Kit (powder). This technique can of course be applied to all face shapes with tiny tweaks here and there to accommodate and enhance/define/highlight different features.

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