Collective Mac, Liberty & Boots Makeup Haul

Collective Mac, Liberty & Boots Makeup Haul by Face Made Up/Facemadeup

It was as if my recent Charlotte Tilbury haul hadn’t happened and before I knew it, I was up early one weekend and hovering outside the Mac store in Carnaby street, 15 minutes before the store was even open. I should have possibly taken that as a sign (not to go into the store) but instead I decided to pop into Boots a few doors down to kill time. Apparently killing time nowadays involves shopping because that’s exactly what I did. After coming back to the Mac store precisely 4 minutes after opening, I spent a fair amount of time in there swatching eyeshadows like a mad woman which I’m pretty sure made the security guard convinced that I was going to do a runner with a whole load of Mac goodies.┬áHovering like a moth to a flame, he only seemed to ease off when I approached one of the makeup assistants for help. Now leaving the Mac store in Carnaby street is always going to end up with a trip to Liberty. Theres just no way around it. Anyway, enough babble.┬áCheck out my video if you want to find out more about what I picked up in my spur of the moment haul. If you want to see the Mac eyeshadows in action, check out my video ‘Warm, Smokey, Winged Eyes & Neutral Lip’ video.



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