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If you’ve been around these sides before, you may know that I am a big fan of Zoeva brushes. If you have never had the pleasure of using them before, let me tell you that they are great value for money. Their range includes a selection of natural goat hairs and synthetic taklon fibres, and both kinds are really soft on the skin. I have quite a few brushes from them already but was feeling like I was missing a few key brushes. I ended up picking up five new ones, of which one I already have but it’s that good that I felt like I needed a back-up.

I’ll start with that brush first then. It’s the 231 Petite Crease Brush. This brush is a god send for those with small eyes like mine. I’m not blessed with a lot of lid space so if I want to do precision crease work, I need a much smaller and a more tapered brush. The 231 is true to it’s name in that it is very ‘petite’ a.k.a ‘small’ for those that didn’t do French for GCSE. It’s quite densely packed and has a very prominently tapered head so it allows you to pick up product just on the very fine tip which nestles neatly into my crease. It’s great for smudging out eyeshadow along the bottom lash line too so you don’t have to strictly use it as a crease brush. This costs a mere £6.95 which is an absolute steal.


The 228 Luxe Crease Brush is yet another brush designed for doing crease work but it’s less dense, more fluffy and the hairs are much longer compared to the 231. This allows you to work on the crease but it’s not as precise as the 231. It does however allow you to blend out the eyeshadow in the crease nicely for a more softly, blended look. For me, I’ll be using it to blend out the crease work after using the 231. Again, this is also priced at £6.95 and comes in both a goat hair version and a synthetic version.

I picked up the 234 Smokey Shader Brush because I was looking for a cheaper equivalent to Mac’s 239 Shader Brush but I also wanted something that could blend product well when  close to the lash line. This does both.The hairs of the 243 is just slightly longer that Mac’s 239 and also much more rounded off at the end. This is £6.95 also which is a third of the cost of the Mac 239.

I didn’t really need to pick up the 226 Smudger Brush seeing as I already picked up the 234 but I thought the money I saved from not buying the Mac 239 I could spend on another brush from Zoeva. The brush head on this is a lot shorter compared to the 234 and for so long I was using a pencil brush, both Mac and Zoeva, to smudge out the eye shadow or liner on my bottom lash line but because of the width on this, it’s much more quicker to do it with a flat, densely packed brush. At £6.95, I’m still saving money.

I have eyed up the 109 Face Paint Brush from afar for a while now and I finally plucked up the courage to pop it into my basket after seeing it in action on YouTube. I needed a brush for my cream bronzers/contours and until now I had always used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for it.  However the 109 is much more slim line, it will allow you to really get into the hollow of your cheek bones to chisel out those well hidden cheek bones. This is a little bit more at £11.50 but face brushes tend to be a bit more pricier than eye brushes, but it’s still great value for money. I have the synthetic version but it’s also available in natural goat hair.

Have you used Zoeva brushes before? What’s your favourite brush?

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